Malesani: 'Why 人工智能赚钱了项目I took Palermo job'

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“Yesterday’s protest was normal and I did not see anything barbaric,” he said after President Maurizio Zamparini’s car was kicked and spat on.

“There will be a discussion on tactics, but right now the most important aspect is the psychological one, so we are working on that first of all.

“The President did not have to do much to convince me, because I have always thanked anyone who picks up the phone to call me. I am very practical, we met and he gave me a full run-down of the situation. I thought for a moment and I was convinced.”

“Aside from that, I hope that within the group there are lads who understand we are starting again to turn this season around. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to work with many of the core players for a few days, as they are away on international duty.

“Before arriving here I analysed the squad and this also brought me to come, saying yes to the President. After all, I saw Andrea Dossena make his debut. I know Mauro Boselli and am getting to know the others.

“I will rely heavily on those two, especially when it comes to the locker room environment. I think positive and after seeing the statistics I told the President this team has a great midfield. I will try to make the most of these players.”

Zamparini is a notoriously difficult President to work fo线上足球投注r, as he is already on his third Coach of the campaign and brought back director Giorgio 澳门外围投注scayt_word=”Perinetti” data-scaytid=”20″>Perinetti just four months after he was fired.

“Fabrizio Miccoli and Massimo Donati have experience and that can be crucial in these situations,” continued Malesani in his Press conference.

Giuseppe Sannino was fired after just three rounds, while to make Malesani their third Coach of the campaign.

Alberto Malesani reveals why he accepted the Palermo job and concedes the angry fan protest “was normal” in the circumstances.